Making network requests is one of the most common activities apps perform, especially on mobile devices that are always connected to the internet. While Apple gives us some classes and tools to help us perform these requests, it is left as an exercise to the developer to do so in a clean, reusable way.

Today, we at Mobiata are announcing MBRequest, a simple, open source networking library for iOS and Mac OS X. It uses a blocks-based API built on top of NSURLConnection and NSOperation. MBRequest follows the style of Apple’s CLGeocoder class to create simple, easy-to-use classes that encapsulate the entire network request. The goals of MBRequest are as follows:

  • Create the simplest possible API for making network requests. With only a few lines of code, developers should be able to start a network request and pass along a single block of code for handling the results of that request.
  • Give developers an extremely simple way to create their own CLGeocoder-like classes. These subclasses should only need to worry about setting up the request and parsing the response.

We hope you like it! Be sure to check it out over on its GitHub project page.