In programming, if you want to learn about something, use it.

And just like that I decided that I needed to put together a blog built on top of Django. I immediately considered Byteflow, but quickly determined that I wanted something much simpler. I didn't need a ton of features; I just wanted a basic blog that I could hack at to help learn more about Django. That is when a friend pointed me at Django-Mingus.

Django-Mingus was released a few months ago by Kevin Fricovsky as a project he was presenting at Django-NYC. It has grown a little since then but at its heart it is still a collection of reusable Django applications wrapped inside a pretty theme. Perfect! Exactly what I needed to dive into the world that is Django.

This will hopefully be a place where I can discuss my current products and projects, post snippets of interesting code, and occasionally write about whatever programming-related topic is currently on my mind. And with that I wrap up my obligatory first post.