About Sebastian

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My name is Sebastian Celis, and I am an iOS developer living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I graduated from Carleton College in 2003 and immediately began working for Stellent, a local software company focused on content management. I worked with an amazing team on the Stellent Content Server, a product written mostly in Java with a web-based front-end. In 2006, Oracle acquired Stellent.

As soon as Apple announced that they were opening up the iPhone OS for 3rd-party developers, I knew that I wanted to develop mobile apps. In my spare time I created and released a simple application that I had always wanted called Epicure. Soon after that, I joined the team at Mobiata helping to create amazing travel apps for both the iPhone and iPad. Six months later, Mobiata was acquired by Expedia. While there I personally worked on major releases of FlightTrack, FlightBoard, and Expedia Hotels & Flights.

In January of 2014 I left Expedia and joined Filament Labs, a small healthcare startup based out of Austin, TX. We are focused on building great mobile experiences for helping patients and their caregivers manage their care.

I now work at BuzzFeed helping them build great mobile apps and experiences.